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Colorectal Surgeons, Melbourne
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Stomal Therapist

Carolyn Atkin RN,BN,STN
Stomal Therapy Clinical Nurse Consultant

A Stomal Therapy Nurse is able to offer a comprehensive service to people who are anticipating or have had surgery resulting in a stoma. The aim of this service is to support patients and their families, both physically and emotionally, promoting independence, confidence and improved quality of life.

Carolyn is available to provide:

  • Preoperative counselling and stoma site selection.
  • Education and support, including stoma care and pouch/appliance management.
  • Clinical intervention - diagnosis and management of stoma problems and skin care.
  • Assistance in obtaining the most appropriate equipment for stoma management.
  • Dietary, travel and other advice for living with a stoma.

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